The Custom Parcel Solutions Team is very skilled and takes great pride in our overseas fulfillment partnerships.

Our clients have been able to take advantage of our business relationships with our International Partnerships…CPS is a gateway for your company to be up and running in Asia, Europe and Canada.  Our fulfillment clients experience flat rate pricing that is built around providing ‘ALL IN ” services into one rate. This includes the option to have your products delivered with or without a signature, utilizing local Postal Administrations as well as local hand delivery companies.

CPS clients will have a DIRECT relationship with our overseas fulfillment partners, this allows us to link you with an outstanding company, complete the IT integration in a short period of time, and help get your product moving into the overseas location quickly and without worry.  Our typical start up for a group of products takes 7-10 days from start to finish, so that you are up and selling quickly and with minimal disruption to your business.

The experience that CPS team members have along with strong relationships help empower your business to be up and running and taking advantage of the lowest postal delivery prices, quickest delivery to your customers and visibility as you need it for every shipment utilizing one of our partnerships.