Custom Parcel Solutions provides a customized approach to international shipping and fulfillment services. We are creative and take advantage of local Postal Contracts on a regional and national basis whether we are providing fulfillment services from our London UK hub, our Hong Kong China hub, or our fulfillment center in Toronto. CPS has partnered with ‘ Best Practice Providers’ that can integrate your CRM needs into their localized delivery network and provide either a track and trace delivery so important for ‘trial offers’, or a straight priority airmail delivery for hard offers. Both levels of service will achieve delivery is 2-5 days on average.

No matter the package or what’s being shipped, international shipping can sometimes be incredibly difficult to master and learn, especially for those trying to start, run, and operate their own businesses, whether they’re big or small. Many who are struggling to learn the ins and outs of international shipping have sought out the help of international shipping partners like shipping companies such as Custom Parcel Solutions to help save their companies valuable time, money, and energy that could be spent in other capacities of their business.

The sole purpose of international shipping partners is to benefit your company in every aspect of the shipping process, from storing, packing, and shipping out your product. Many international shipping businesses are professionals in the shipping business and have been at it for many years. They can become an asset to your company in various ways, such as, for example, using their accumulated years of experience to save you time on trying to determine the best way to pack your products to make sure they get to your overseas customers in a satisfactory way while maintaining the quality your loyal customers have come to expect from your business. This can help not only keep your customers happy and relieve your company of time and money, but can eventually turn into positive word of mouth, contributing to more loyal customers.

International shipping partners such as Custom Parcel Solutions also offer fulfillment for your company, whether your inventory consists of supplements, beauty products, or various products. This means that not only do they ship your products to your customers just about anywhere in the world, but they also take care of the storage for your inventory, as well. This is a big step forward for many companies, as it allows them the opportunity to expand their inventory and not worry about where to store all of it. Many companies see benefits from expanding their line of products not only through profit, but through happy customers as well, helping to maintain your company’s positive reputation.

To find out more about the right international shipping partners for your company, and to learn more about how Custom Parcel Solutions can go to work to save your company precious time and money