Cross Border Drop Shipping and Fulfillment

Anyone who  is  planning on launching an online business wants to make sure that the  there is a market  for their products and that they will be  able  to ensure  their  products  reach their  customers on time and in a good condition.  This is exactly why it becomes important to partner with a credible and well-established company like Custom Parcel Solutions. We have been in this business for a number of years and know all the nitty gritty’s of Cross Border Drop Shipping and Fulfillment.

The Perfect Business

Regardless of how good your products are, when you decide to start a cross border shipping business, the actual fulfillment, shipping and delivery of the products matters a great deal. This is something we handle for you with a lot of expertise.  In Cross Border Drop Shipping and Fulfillment, your entire inventory comes directly from wholesalers. The products will then be shipped straight from the wholesaler’s warehouse to the customer’s location.

The Benefits

This presents a number of benefits for you:

  • As the retailer, you don’t actually have to invest in any products
  • No warehouse/storage space required- this also results in cost savings
  • You have the  option to  sell a large range of products as you don’t have  to worry about  stocking them
  • You have the flexibility to experiment with selling  different  types  of products
  • Possible to scale  and expand your business very fast
  • Reach a wider customer-base (geographically)

The Changing Business

Today, Cross Border Drop Shipping and Fulfillment is changing the face of the manner in which businesses are conducted.  The marketplace has opened up in a big way and you can reach customers overseas too. The only thing  you  have  to  focus  on is that  you’re a products  reach  your overseas  customers quickly and safely. You will require  very less capital  to start on a drop shipping business, but when  you  have us handling  this for you, the risk  factor  is reduced  to a great extent.

Smooth Business Operations

Our services are reliable you will find that they are also very cost effective. This helps increase your profitability as well. You have peace of mind that all the gears of your business are moving smoothly. For more information about our Cross Border Drop Shipping and Fulfillment services, call Custom Parcel Solutions on 877-316-0005 or contact us via this online form.

Cross Border Drop Shipping and Fulfillment